Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

Lennon was a bit sleepy when I went to see her today.  She had had a bath this morning due to a little accident... oops!  She is up to 3lbs 14 oz!!
Yesterday, Collin and I went to see Lennon during her 2:30 feeding.  We rarely get to go at the same time, so we let Van go to Right Time Kids to play for a bit and we headed to the hospital.  
To our surprise, Lennon was in an open crib!  We thought it would be a couple of days before she got moved over.  She still had the incubator in the room with her yesterday, but today it was out of there.  The nurse said that they moved her over the previous night and that she is holding her temp without any issues.  Major milestone passed!!
With that, now we are just looking at getting her to bottle feed for all of her feedings.  Meg (one of our favorite nurses) said that this tends to just click one day for most babies.  We are just praying that it clicks sooner rather than later :-)

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  1. I'm so happy that Lennon is making such good progress and she's getting closer and closer to being able to come home. It makes me smile everytime I hear that Lennon has passed another milestone!