Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby's Got Sauce

Yesterday was a tough day.  I did not get a chance to go over to be with Lennon.  I had planned to go to the afternoon feeding, but unfortunately I had overdone it all day long and managed to damage my incision a bit.  Around 2pm I felt pulling and tugging around the incision.  I called my OB to find out what to do about it.  Just a little first aid and all was better.  I just had to relax fora few hours to get myself back on track.  Me getting sick does nothing to help Lennon.  

Lennon got her PICC line today.  She no longer has a line directly into her belly button.  The line was inserted at birth to allow for a more direct route for fluids and meds.  Basically, the umbilical cord provides nutrition.  When a baby is born so prematurely, the doctors can use the umbilical cord to gain access and provide the same support for about a week after birth.  After that, they have to use a PICC line to prevent infections.  Very rarely will a baby go home with a PICC line.  

Today, I went to visit Lennon.  She was doing great!  She did go back under the lights to help the jaundice yesterday, but she looks so much better today.  She may still have to go have to go back under, but the more she eats, the more she pees/poops, the less she will need help with that.  So far that is not a problem either!  She has been upped to 12ml/feeding (every 3 hours).  From now on, she will be increasing 3ml/feeding every 24 hours.  This means we are one step closer to not needing the IV for additional fluids!  

When the nurse put Lennon to me today, she was pretty awake.  She snuggled right up to me.  She started to root around for a bit on my chest.  This is a huge step towards being able to nurse.  Lennon got a little frustrated and actually raised her head up off my chest and looked up at me at one point.  It was an amazing sight to see her strength!  Lennon snuggled in with me and slept for the hour while she was eating.  It is the most calming feeling in the world to sit with her.  I doze off a lot when sitting there in kangaroo care.  She was able to hold her temperature with no problem while I held her.  Again, this is definite progress :-)  

Emotionally, this was a much better day.  Seeing all of the progress and how much better Lennon looked after 24 hours, was soothing to the soul as her mother.  It is so hard to go back and forth to her and only see her in one hour blocks.  It is enough to drive anyone crazy.    I just want to be able to be with her.  I loathe having to ask permission to hold her.  She is my baby and I should be able to hold her when I want.  However, my logical brain understands that I have to trust the nurses to watch out for her well being.  She needs their protection and care.  I cannot be selfish in this situation, but goodness... I want to be sometimes.  

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  1. It sounds like she's doing really well and making lots of progress! I'm glad your incision is doing well also! I love all of the new pictures of Lennon!