Saturday, January 28, 2012

Moving on Up

So much good stuff going on for the past few days!!

Lennon is now up to 2lbs 13oz and is back to room air at a high flow.  The nurses just let Lennon take the lead on determining how much oxygen/flow she needs.  The doctors think she is just young and needs a little more time to keep her oxygen up on her own.  
Now that Van is in daycare again, I typically go to Lennon's 11:30AM feeding time.  Makes it easy on everyone:  Collin can sleep, Van is at daycare, and I can focus solely on Lennon until I have to go pick Van up at 1:00.  Yesterday, I missed the 11:30 so I went to the 2:30.  The nurse let me know that Lennon woke up and was gnawing her hands at the 11:30 feeding.  While I felt a bit guilty for missing that, it let's us know that she is starting to recognize when it is time to eat!!  The nurse was as excited as I was!  
So I went in this morning and she was asleep, but as soon as I pulled her out of her isolate, her eyes popped open.  Lennon was great at latching on more frequently and for longer periods of time.  

We changed Lennon into clean clothes.  We put her in her little hawaiian shirt that her Aunt Karen got her.  She is so cute!  I swear she looks like a pretty little baby doll :-)

Around the house, Collin and Nana got the carpet ripped up and new flooring laid in our room.  It looks amazing!  We now have no carpet in the house!!  It is really nice to know I will never have to vacuum again in this house :-)  Nana, Van, and I went out today and picked up a new comforter for our bed.  It is like a brand new room.  I love it! 

Nana and I put the crib together today.  Lennon's room only needs a rug in there and of course, Lennon and we are done :-)

I will post pics soon hopefully.  

Overall, it has been a great couple of days:  Lennon is doing so well, Van has been in a great mood, and our house is finally coming together!

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