Thursday, January 19, 2012


Let me start by saying that Lennon and I have had some of the very best medical care and nurses that I could ever have asked for.  Labor and Delivery nurses are amazing!  They were so supportive through all of the changes.  They dried my tears, calmed me down when I was scared, assured Collin and me at various times, and encouraged us through it all.  My nurses after the c-section were sweet as could be.  When I was crying as I was getting ready to be discharged, the nurse came in and hugged me and asked me to come by and keep her posted.  

Lennon's nurses have been super caring and you can tell they love their babies and their jobs. The FNP has been one of my favorite supports in the Special Care Nursery.  She is the person who came to discuss the risks prior to the c/s and has been wonderful at keeping us posted.  I cannot believe the love and care that each nurse has shown my child.

The biggest pet peeve I have as a parent of a child in the special care nursery is a nurse/caregiver with no bedside manner.  The other night, I was there with my mother-in-law.  We got there at 5:30 for the feeding.  Shift change is at 6:30, so we only had an hour.  The nurse in charge of Lennon's care was typing something and taking her time.  No big deal; I know it can be easy to forget what you were doing if you step away from something, so I didn't think about it.  No personality, but you don't have to be a great conversationalist to take care of babies.  
At 6:35 another nurse came in and informed us that we would have to leave.  We already knew that, but again, whatever...  This nurse kept referring to Lennon as "he."  I let it slide the first time thinking she would see the pink blanket and hat and correct herself.  I was wrong.  Here is how the rest of the conversation went from there:
Nurse:  He is doing great
Nana:  He is a She
Nurse: Oh, well, we get used to saying one thing or the other

The rest of the conversation the nurse continued to say he.  It almost felt as though she was making a point to say he instead of she.  This irked me in so many ways.  It is not that hard to adjust from he to she.  Between the pink hat, pink blanket, the medical chart, and being corrected, you should be able to note that it is a little girl.  If you cannot, then I seriously doubt you are detail oriented enough to care for my child!  

My point is:  Parents of preemies are under enough stress and worry.  I am trusting a nurse, a stranger, to care for my baby 24 hours a day.  Please put forth a little effort to illicit trust from the parents.  Just calling my baby by her name can make all the difference in the world.  


  1. Love your posts. Hold those hospital folks accountable now...

  2. From an ER nurse, but a nurse nonetheless, let's just say that accelerated nursing programs are NOT A BLESSING!!! Too many people getting into a career which requires so much more than an education. It is a calling, not just a job, but these programs and job loss have allowed many into a career they have no true heart for... My apologies on behalf of all of us nurses for whom shift change is irrelevant in the big scheme Of things and for whom KNOWING our patients and families is part of the reason we are nurses... Hugs...

  3. Ginger,
    Catherine Taggart told me about your situation since we have just been through the same things last year with our daughter Claire. Hang in there and trust in God. If you ever need someone to vent to that has been there, please contact me! Claire's blog is and we started it while I was on bedrest a few days before she was born at 29 weeks. It's very stressful, but know you are not alone!!!
    Praying for your family!
    Rebecca Scott

  4. Kimmy - I know you are one of the wonderful ones out there!! We have had some amazing care, but there are just a couple out there that are not good at their jobs.

    Rebecca - Thank you so much! It is a bit lonely when you are going through this. No one seems to quite get it... I know God will take care of us. Thus far, Lennon seems to be doing so well. I just cannot wait to get her home. We are just taking it day by day and letting the doctors do what they do best. It is really hard to leave her, but I know our son still needs his momma at home too. Tough to balance it all! I know it will get better... it just takes time!